5 ingredients for a timeless kitchen

If you’re looking for a kitchen style that will survive the test of time and look classy with the pass of the years, there are ways to get a great look for now and for the future. More >

5 tips to make the best of your small bathroom

Guest bathrooms or basement bathrooms tend to be small, but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic or ugly.

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How we helped Sabina's house grow for her family
When Sabina came to us with her project, she had a very clear set of needs: more space for her family.

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Apps for DIY home improvement
​​​​There is an app for almost everything. Even to help you with DIY projects for your home. Which ones are the best in the market?  More >

Home renovation realities you need to know

​​​Before you begin any renovation projects, there are some facts and realities you need to face. ​ More >

Looking for the right contractor? Ask the right questions!
Hiring a contractor is a very important decision. After all, you will be trusting these professionals with your home. 

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Small backyard? No problem!

​​If you dream of a deck to sunbathe and take advantage of the shiny days but you have a small backyard to begin with, don’t worry! You can still have your dream deck in a limited space. More >

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Ideas for a living room that you will enjoy every single day

​​​​Hosting guests or relaxing after a long day of work feels better when your living room is well designed. More >

7 ways to avoid basement flooding in Montreal 
Most basement flooding occurs in the spring but flooding can happen anytime.

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Just moved in? These are the signs that tell you if you need to renovate soon

​​​​If you moved in to a new place during this moving season, you're probably done unpacking most of your boxes by now.​ What now? More >

The promotion that will get you closer to your dream home

We joined forces with the best local providers to bring you a promotion that will encourage you to start your home renovation project right now! More >

Thinking about kitchen materials for your reno?

What are the most durable kitchen materials? Which ones require less maintenance? What can I use to obtain the style I wish? More >

Best colours to take advantage of your spaces

​​​Check out these tips and make the best choices for each one of your spaces. More >

Five signs your kitchen needs renovation
​​​Maybe you haven’t noticed it because you see your kitchen every day but this space might be screaming for a renovation. More >

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Ideas for a living room that gives an amazing first impression
Impress your guests with a living room that stands out for its originality and style. More >